Sunday, January 6, 2008

A FreeInk Welkom

Swaagatam, Huan yin, Que onda !

FreeInk welcomes u to its Graphic Corridors of Visual Delight.

Extensively aware and respectful of tight deadlines, we have been catering to pre-production needs of various international and local clients, serving them with effective and quality artwork under challenging situations and limited time duration.

Our services include:
* B&W/Tonal/Colored Storyboards - Freehand & Wacom
* Presentation Boards
* Animatics
* Background / Character Designs
* Concept Art / Illustrations

We offer a variety of styles catering to the different needs of the clients.
Our past and present work includes a gamut of projects from ad films,short films(live action),full length features to animation films.

Scroll down and have a look at the portfolio and if u like what u see, get in touch with us :

Karan Awasthi
(Mumbai) - +91 981975 5045
(Delhi ) - +91 981122 5045
Email -

For the ever curious, FreeInk stands for Freelancers Inkorporated !
Happy New Year :)